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‘Dirty Larry’ Putting Aid Hits The Market

The story for this product starts with the starter at the Lonnie Poole Golf Course in Raleigh, N.C. His name was Larry, and while he never was the longest hitter or smoothest swinger, he could surely putt. In fact, he was so good with the flat stick that a player once hung a sign in the pro shop with Larry’s picture on it that read: “Don’t play with this guy, he’s dirty, and he’ll take your money.”

One of the reasons Dirty Larry rolled the rock so well was that he practiced with a training aid he had created that helped him better aim his putts.

His first versions employed pipe cleaners, and in time, Larry was able to bring a more sophisticated model to market. Dubbed the Navigator, it debuted at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.

“It is all about training players to see square as they stand over their putts,” says Dave Nastalski, a 24-year-old Class A PGA professional who graduated as a golf management major from North Carolina State and now works full-time on the Navigator. “The game is always played from above and from the side but never down the line. But this product allows you to do that, and in the process to get a much clearer sense of how and where (players) should aim when they putt.”


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