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Solheims’ Cup Runneth Over

Solheim Cup Captains

It’s been a wonderful week for arguing, with passionate opinions flying on both sides of the Atlantic.

Solheim Cup captains Juli Inkster and Carin Koch filled out their rosters early last week, Inkster making two captain’s picks (Paula Creamer and Brittany Lang) and Koch choosing her final four (Catriona Matthew, Caroline Hedwall, Caroline Masson and Karine Icher). And the names were barely out of the captains’ mouths before countless fans had something to say.

Questions included, but were not limited to: What does Creamer, who hasn’t won in more than a year, add to the U.S. team? With the matches, which begin Sept. 18, being held an hour south of Frankfurt, was Masson tapped for her play or because she’s German? How will France’s Icher handle being a 36-year-old Solheim rookie? And now that the teams are complete, how do they match up?

Ping CEO John Solheim also had a question.


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