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No Reservations: Lee Trevino

Lee Trevino

It’s lunchtime at The Greenbrier, Lee Trevino’s summer home in the West Virginia hills, and before making his way through a buffet line, Trevino looks for soup.

There was soup yesterday, he learns, but none today. Trevino is disappointed but only for a moment.

He has too much to be happy about.

Trevino is 75 years old and his once-black hair is fully silver now. He still walks with that side-to-side sway that became such a familiar sight on golf courses across the decades when he built one of the unlikeliest Hall of Fame careers ever. Trevino retired from competitive golf a few years back but he still plays occasionally for fun.

This year, Greenbrier owner Jim Justice hired Trevino to spend his summer at the resort just being Lee Trevino.


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