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Discerning Truth in the Wild, Wild West

Mike Purkey - Wild West of Journailsm
The Tiger Woods kerfuffle over the extent of his health issues exemplified the problem with Twitter journalism and anonymous sources.

Practicing journalism in the digital age is becoming more troublesome by the day. And for you the consumer, finding a source of information you can trust can be just as problematic.

Add those together and the sum is that we all have to be more careful in what we publish and what we believe.

Case in point: Tiger Woods. Last weekend, a respected journalist took to Twitter to post an item that Woods had a serious setback in his recovery from two back surgeries. The post read:

“I’m told #TigerWoods condition worsened. He can’t move well; painful to sit. Sits in car with seat fully reclined. No foreseeable return. Sad.”

The journalist, formerly with a major network website, reported this information as fact but unsubstantiated. The firestorm that ensued was typical of today’s digital landscape.


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