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Olympic Organizers Address Zika Concerns

Zika Virus

All potential golf contestants in the Olympic Games in Brazil in August will soon receive an assessment of the risks of the Zika virus from some of the world’s leading medical bodies, Ty Votaw, vice president of the International Golf Federation, told Global Golf Post last week. Votaw just returned to the headquarters of the PGA Tour in Florida after visiting the golf venue in Rio de Janeiro.

“Officials from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control were present last week, as well as medical officers of the IGF and the PGA Tour, and we are gathering information to inform the players as best as we can,” Votaw said. “We hope to get this out within the next two weeks. It will contain advice as to the recommended repellants, how the virus is transmitted, how long it can last and how it is spread.

“We don’t want to minimize our concern but the Olympics will be held during Brazil’s winter. The golf course is on land that is near the ocean and a lagoon that is not polluted. It is also windy.



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