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Charm Comes in All Sizes

Winter Park Country Club and Golf Course
Winter Park Country Club and Golf Course clubhouse

They are as different from one another as the outward and inward nines at Hillside, or the front and back nines at Pyle & Kenfig. One is nine holes, walking only, and open to the public, a wonderful anachronism in this day and age where half the fun of the game is determining how many and which clubs to take with you. Three is generally the norm. When was the last time you asked yourself that before you set out to play?

The other is 18 holes, understated and Hollywood private, a Seth Raynor course that seems perfectly suited to both its surroundings and those who play it. Now amidst its centenary celebrations, it has an old world design about it, is played by those with old world money and the design of numerous greens comes from the Old World, aka Europe.

Each provided as much enjoyment as this writer has had on a golf course for years.

First came Mountain Lake, which is southwest of Orlando, Florida, in a place called Lake Wales. Speaking as one who lives near Cardiff, Wales, I must say that the name struck a welcome note even if Lake Wales was not very big, nor very well known. You could have passed it without knowing it was there. Lake Michigan it isn’t. For that matter nor is it Lake Vyrnwy.

Turning off the main road and heading through fields of orange groves, we entered what looked like a 1970s film set.



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