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Willett Seizes His ‘Gift’

Danny Willett

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA | Remarkable how funny old fate can drop a ticking bomb in your lap at the most shocking and head-spinning time. Whether you juggle it, fumble it or set it off is where fate makes a U-turn and you’re left with unspeakable opportunity staring you right between your eyes.

When Danny Willett realized he had been handed the lead with five holes to play in The Masters, it was like being offered the keys to the kingdom. Sounds marvelous in theory but do you have the courage to put the key in the lock, turn it and throw open the giant doors that weigh just about the same as your dreams and ambitions?

Not only did Willett win the staring contest with fate but he grabbed his chance with both hands clutched into fists and played the golf of his life down the last few holes to win The Masters without any question as to whether he did, in fact, deserve it.

It will be thought by many that Danny Willett was handed his green jacket by Jordan Spieth, who drowned his chances for a second straight Masters title in Rae’s Creek at the treacherous par-3 12th. If it was indeed a gift, Willett wasn’t about to hand it back, just like that.

He summoned up all his courage and played the last five holes…..READ FULL ARTICLE



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