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The Shorty: Simmering Mystery

Tiger Woods

He hasn’t hit a shot in competition since last August and yet, here’s Tiger Woods on the cover of this week’s Post. No matter how you feel about him, there’s no denying that Tiger has made the most news in golf in the past 10 days.

Yet, even when he grabs headlines, he still remains the game’s most baffling mystery. How does he really feel? How much pain does he experience? How does he deal with it? And the question that is on the mind of nearly every golf fan: When will he be back?

Last Monday, he attended the opening of Bluejack National near Houston, a course he helped design, and played a few holes for the assembled members. And on Friday, he hit some balls at a Las Vegas clinic while in town for Tiger Jam. His foundation tweeted a Periscope video of the clinic that has since expired.  

He said in Vegas, “… I’m sick and tired of being on the sidelines. I want to start competing against these boys. I miss it.”

He won’t play in Charlotte this week at the Wells Fargo Championship. But he has left a trail of breadcrumbs. He has made accommodation reservations for next week’s Players Championship and for the Memorial Tournament in early June. And he registered for the U.S. Open, which might or might not mean anything.

When he does return – it appears it’s when, not if – Tiger will take some attention from golf’s Big Three or Four or so. But the question he’s bound to be asking himself is: Will he one day be as good as they are now? READ FULL ISSUE



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