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Four-Balls May Disappear from Curtis Cup

Curtis Cup

DUBLIN, IRELAND | Saturday afternoon’s four-balls at the Curtis Cup may well have be the last. For the purposes of Quaker Ridge in 2018, the match is expected to shed the third day it acquired in 2008 and go back to its old, slicker format.

Diane Robb, the President of the Ladies Golf Union, said she would not be sorry to see the back of the four-balls: “I was one of the ex-players who never wanted them in the first place.”

The R&A men, no less than the public at large, were not impressed that the format, which was used on Friday and Saturday afternoon, should have taken comfortably over five hours in Friday’s fine weather. Though the groups had set out at 15-minute intervals, the second match did not take too long to fall as much 45 minutes behind. “Unacceptable,” was the terse summation which apparently emanated from the lips of Martin Slumbers, the R&A’s CEO.

The refereeing was altogether stricter on the second day when, in what sounded like the latest round of a word-association game, they singled out a girl named Bailey Tardy for punishment. Having had one warning, the American received another at the 12th, which meant that she had to pick up her ball.

Some felt that it was pointless penalising just one member of the partnership in that it was still possible for the pair to win the hole. However, when Tardy was to be seen wiping away the tears on the next tee, it was clear that this was a slow-play penalty which, for once, had genuinely hurt the recipient.

The reason the LGU included four-balls and lengthened the match from two days to three for the match of ’08 at St Andrews was down to the time and cost involved in setting up the event at the Home of Golf. It seemed madness…..READ FULL ARTICLE & CURTIS CUP COVERAGE



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