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The Donald’s Arrival in Scotland Trumps All

Donald Trump arrives at Turnberry

Donald Trump had barely touched down at Turnberry last Friday when he was asked about “Brexit” and Britain’s plunging pound. After he had said of Brexit, “They’ve got their country back,” he went for something more personal regarding the changing exchange rate: “More Americans will come to Turnberry.”

Actually, he doesn’t need too many more visitors. The place is crammed. Every slot on the Ailsa Course has been filled since the links reopened at the start of the month – and not a bad word has been penned.

At one point, he regaled his audience with the story of how (ital)Golf Digest(end ital) had described it as the No. 1 course in the world, only to demote it to third on account of the person who owned it. “Even people who truly hate me said it’s the best course they’ve ever seen,” said the would-be US president.

The world’s press had followed instructions to start arriving at Turnberry at 5:30 a.m. – something which left plenty of time for a crazy shuffling of schedules along with a corresponding degree of bemused irritation.

The media conference was shifted from 10 o’clock to 12 o’clock and back to 11 o’clock.

This may or may not have had most do with shrugging off protesters (they came from Stand up to Racism Scotland) who had planned a Mexican wave to coincide with Trump’s arrival. Whatever, the two parties’ paths never crossed and there was no Mexican wave any more than there were waves at sea. Mind you, a comedian by name of Simon Brodkin did succeed in dropping 15 golf balls emblazoned with swastikas at Trump’s feet.

The media were of the international news variety rather than the golf specialists. A TV lady from Germany asked if she was looking at a golf course, while another from China later mentioned that she had had thousands of hits in the minutes leading up to Trump’s helicopter touch-down.

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