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Johnson Ruling Still a Hot Topic

Dustin Johnson

LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND | The clubhouse at Formby Golf Club in Merseyside is four-square and bay-windowed. If it could talk, you feel sure it would have some stories to tell. At times last week the buzz of conversation from within this sturdy building spread out from the clock tower and over the rumpled links, the tawny dunes and the unusual number of trees that make Formby both distinctive and distinguished.

One topic was the high standard of play by competitors in the 20th Arnold Palmer Cup and the plans for the 20th anniversary of this event, which will take place next year at the Atlanta Athletic Club in Georgia. Another topic centred on Arnold Palmer, in whose name the competition is held, and demonstrated the high level of interest and extraordinary affection for the game’s great hero. The man who had spoken about Palmer at the gala dinner at the club on Thursday night, describing Palmer as the Muhammad Ali of golf, found himself receiving thanks far in excess of what he had done.

A third subject that kept cropping up, which is hardly surprising how many golf aficionados were present at Formby, was the rules issue involving Dustin Johnson at the recent US Open.

A quick recap: in his fourth round Johnson said his ball had moved when he was about to putt on the fifth green. He was cleared of any wrongdoing by Mark Newell, the chairman of the USGA’s rules of golf committee, the official walking with that group. On the 12th tee Johnson was notified that other USGA officials had reviewed the TV coverage and felt there was an issue with that ruling and after he had finished his round he was penalised one stroke.

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