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All-Amateur Team: Paying Heed to the Creed

Global Golf Post All-Amateur Team

Global Golf Post is very pleased to present our fourth annual All-Amateur team selections.

We take great pride, and equal joy, in supporting the global amateur game. This annual effort, indicative of both, is intended to recognize individual performance over the past 12 months for men and women amateurs, mid-amateurs, and senior amateurs.

All told, 201 players from 29 different nations are honored. Here’s how we made our selections:

For the men and women amateurs, we were guided largely by the World Amateur Golf Rankings. A partnership of the USGA and the R&A, these rankings generally are acknowledged to be the best in the game. The primary metric considered was the number of points accrued this year.

Identifying skilled mid-amateurs and senior amateurs around the world, particularly among women, was much more difficult. We scoured results and national rankings, and reached out to knowledgeable amateurs in the game and identified most of the best in the world.

Two caveats: First, the mid-amateur and senior amateur game is not nearly as well developed around the world when compared with North America. For that reason, the mid- and senior amateur teams are dominated by Americans.

Second, we used the USGA minimum ages for mid-amateurs and seniors – 25 for mid-amateurs, 50 for senior women and 55 for senior men.

Finally, for the most part, we discounted performance in junior tournaments. For example, American Noah Goodwin is No. 7 in the WAGR, but the vast majority of his WAGR points were won in junior competition.

Some of the selections at the amateur level turned professional at some point this year, but that does not diminish…..FULL COVERAGE OF ALL-AMATEUR TEAM



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