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Missing Issue Troubleshooting

We’re very sorry to hear you’re having trouble receiving our Monday morning email alerts. Here are some steps to try to help ensure proper delivery of your issue:

1.Please be sure to add to your Address Book or Safe Sender List. Click here for instruction on specific email providers.

2.If adding doesn’t work, you may need to also add is the actual sending domain that our email alerts come from. Please add this to your Safe Sender list in your Address book or contact your IT provider to assist you with this adding this to your approved sender list.

3.You may need to add this IP range to your safe IP Address list in your Address Book or Safe Sender List. The IP range that our alerts come from is: through You may need to contact your e-mail hosting provider to assist with this.

4.Download the Global Golf Post App for your iPad or iPhone to keep up with the latest issues of Global Golf Post. This will ensure prompt delivery right to your phone or tablet.

5.Still having problems? Try using a personal email address, such as Gmail or Yahoo. This recommended over a corporate one, due to spam filters that many corporate email accounts use. Please sign up for Global Golf Post using a personal email address to ensure that your email alert gets delivered to your inbox every Monday morning!