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Modern Coverage of the Classic Game

Global Golf Post is not so much an idea whose time has come as it is an inevitability. Unless you have spent the last several years as a single playing behind an eightsome in Outer Mongolia, you probably know that magazines and newspapers, sadly, are struggling for their very survival. The list of reasons is long.

Almost lost in all the paper shuffle here is the fact that excellence in the reporting, writing and production of golf journalism is not in short supply. Nor has interest waned for those who have always cared about the game. The editors, writers and designers of Global Golf Post believe there are still a lot of people out there who pay close attention. And when we simply say “Hogan” on first reference, those people who care know we’re talking about Ben, not Hulk.

An abashed Tiger Woods may be on an indefinite hiatus. But guess what? 

They’re still going to tee it up this year in the U.S. Open at the national golf shrine that is Pebble Beach. And they’re still going to brave the vagaries of the Old Course at the Open Championship in St. Andrews. The Curtis Cup will still take place at Essex County Club in Massachusetts where Donald Ross was the head professional exactly 100 years ago. The build-up to the 2010 Masters will stir golf’s springtime soul the same way it always does. And that partisan cauldron called the Ryder Cup will boil over into some sort of delightful parochial controversy the same way it always does. 

Those of you keenly interested in all these results, and the stories behind them, have arrived at the right place at the right time. And, no, Global Golf Post will not stop at the PGA Tour. Amateur golf, junior golf and women’s golf will be featured prominently in each issue.

Global Golf Post is a weekly, digital golf magazine. It is the first of its kind. And if you sign up, we will deliver our content to you, for free, bright and early every Monday morning. Just click on our link, which will be waiting inside an e-mail sent directly to you. Once inside the magazine, you can click the “download” button, which will automatically save the issue so you can read us off-line at any later time without having to be connected. Navigation from page to page to page will be simple. Coverage will be comprehensive. And the whole, round world will be the stage for our publication.

As editor in chief of Global Golf Post, I am especially proud to lead a distinguished collection of writers that includes four current or past presidents of the Golf Writers Association of America. Ours is a staff with senior  contributors based in the U.S., the U.K, Canada, Africa, Australia and Asia. 

Columnist Len Shapiro rolled up his sleeves, back in the day at the Washington Post, in the same city room as Woodward and Bernstein and he still hasn’t lost his fastball. Good newspapermen and newspaperwomen remain fresh thinkers even as the turnover among their writing subjects changes generationally. England’s Lewine Mair, a former British girls golf champion, earned her writing chops in Great Britain where the golf audiences are, perhaps, the world’s most discriminating. Longtime golf readers will also recognize the names of award-winning scribes Lorne Rubenstein, Art Spander and Vartan Kupelian and bureau chiefs Mike Purkey and Steve Ellis. Part-time author Gordon Simmonds adds a unique world view. And our youngest staffer, Andy DeKeuster, was a golf academic All-American at Northwestern University just last spring.

My background is Stanford University undergrad, Northwestern grad school and 20 years in the middle of the mosh pit that was the daily sports war between the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times. After that it was on to Golfweek Magazine, which groomed me for a seven-year hitch at Golf Channel, which convinced me, among other things, that the spoken word and the written word require different skill sets. TV work with people such as Frank Nobilo, Brandel Chamblee, Mark Lye and Kraig Kann was a hoot. Now it’s back to my professional roots surrounded by an equally compelling cast of colleagues.

One more thing about Global Golf Post you should know: At the back of our digital book every week you will find the “Gateway” section, which, we think, will offer the most comprehensive collection of weekly statistics and results available anywhere. Because we are digital, we are not limited by space considerations. Nobody at Global Golf Post is cutting down trees to make the paper on which you need to put newsprint before it gets delivered in trucks to your home.

If there’s a small tournament in your hometown and a volunteer willing to link us to the results, we will provide that link to you — even if your hometown happens to be in Outer Mongolia. Just no eightsomes, please. Unless it’s a playoff.


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