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A Pair Of Additions To The Adams Family

Industry watchers often wonder how smallish Adams Golf competes so ably in an equipment sector dominated by much more brawny – and much richer – clubmakers. Deft business management is one reason. Another is the pleasing look and superb playability of the woods, wedges and irons the Plano, Texas concern produces.

            A visit to the Adams Golf booth at the PGA Merchandise Show – and a few dozen swings with the company’s latest offerings during Demo Day at Orange County National – demonstrate that the company that brought the fabled Tight Lies to market 15 years ago has not lost its touch. In fact, it may be reaching new heights.

            Let’s start with Adams’ latest driver offering, the Speedline FAST 10, which lists at $399.99 but is currently selling for about $100 less. “It is all about aerodynamics with this club,” says company CEO Chip Brewer. “That’s the new frontier in drivers. We have all gone as far as we can with respects to head size and COR. All that’s left is speed, and we at Adams have been working hard on club aerodynamics in an effort to enhance that.”

            Brewer says Adams has pioneered work in this realm, and proclaims that this third generation Speedline is more efficient aerodynamically – and longer – as a result. “We increased toe curvature as we decreased head curvature, and that enabled us to improve airflow around the driver head, lessening drag and turbulence and adding as much as 15 more yards of carry distance,” he says. 

            At the same time, Adams positioned the center of gravity low and deep in this bomber, to promote greater forgiveness and a higher – and subsequently easier – ball launch. Available in four lofts: 8.5 degrees, 9.5, 10.5 and 12.5.

            Another eye-opener among Adams’ newest club ensemble is the Idea Pro Black 9031 hybrid. Geared for the better player looking to work the ball and hit a variety of shots out of different lies, its small size, shorter blade length and black matte finish gives it a sleek look that will no doubt tempt mid-range players to put it into their bags even though they know they should probably go for a more forgiving weapon.  A single weight plug in the sole promotes a lower center of gravity, and it comes in five lofts, from 16 to 26 degrees. Street price: $200.


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