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Nike Steps On the Accelerator with New Irons

In developing Nike Golf’s latest entry in the iron category, the company’s director of club creation, Tom Stites, focused on speed, his credo being “Faster is Farther.” So, he crafted a two-piece product that combined a stainless steel alloy (AM 355) with an off-the-face weld construction to produce a thinner and hotter face.

    In addition to increasing speed, Stites found that new face construction also produced a wider sweet zone that promoted greater stability and forgiveness, which was another imperative as he began to build the iron line. He also discovered he could enhance those attributes by employing Nike’s PowerBow technology, which provided an extremely deep center of gravity and was first introduced with the SasQuatch driver in 2006. Then, there was the all-critical launch capability, which Stites sought to strengthen with a deep undercut behind the face that repositions 50 grams of weight out and back to the PowerBow.

    The result of those efforts is the aptly named SQ MachSpeed iron, a two-piece club that began shipping to on- and off-course retailers in late February. As far as Stites is concerned, it is the longest and fastest iron the company has ever produced.

    “We’ve developed a very fast iron through new and dynamic construction that works,” he explains. “This club is all about helping golfers increase their ball speed in order to generate distance. Our patented PowerBow technology allows golfers to launch the ball high and increase distance, which is a perfect combination for improving their games.”

    Available in men’s sets from 4 through AW, the MachSpeeds go for a street price of $700 with steel shafts and $800 with graphite. Women’s versions are available as well, in slightly different set configurations and with graphite shafts, for $800.


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