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Adams' Hybrind Technology Maxes Out Game Improvement

The groundbreaking idea of producing fully integrated sets of hybrids and irons remains a very good one for Adams Golf, as the latest releases from the Plano, Tex., club manufacturer demonstrates.

First, there is the Adams Idea a7. Designed for players with handicaps that rise into the mid-teens, it includes the latest iteration of the company’s high performance hybrids, in this case Nos. 3 and 4, as well as a hollow-back transition 5-iron and then 6-iron through pitching wedge.

“With these clubs, we have refined the hybrid iron set concept we pioneered years ago,” says Mike Vrska, the company’s director of product development. “We have looked at everything we have done well in the past and also what we could tweak and do better. The results are the best irons and hybrids we have ever made.”

According to Vrska, an improved sole camber makes the Idea a7 hybrid easier to hit out of any lie as increases in rear weighting also boosts carrying distance. With a face that is 13 percent thinner, the transition 5-iron is hotter, and the added distance that provides improves gapping. As for the irons, they boast thinner top-lines for a better look at address, thinner sole widths for better workability and dual cavity-backs and stabilizer bars for better feel and forgiveness.

In an effort to reach golfers with handicaps above 15, Adams has also brought out the Idea a7 OS. That eight-piece set consists of 3, 4 and 5 hybrids, 6 and 7 mid-hybrids and then 8-iron through pitching wedge. According to Vrska, the hybrids feature 44 grams of rear weighting to increase launch angle and add distance. They also have rounded shaping with a slight draw-bias to enhance forgiveness. As for the mid-hybrids, they utilize a four-way cambered sole and an H-back channel vibration dampening system to optimize distance, gapping and launch conditions. And Adams uses low and deep centers of gravity to make the short irons in this set versatile and forgiving.

“These are maximum game-improvement clubs,” says Vrska.

Available in right- and left-handed models, the eight-piece Idea a7 set retails for $600 in steel, and $700 for graphite. Individual hybrids go for $200 and are available in Nos. 2 through 5. The stock steel shaft is a True Temper Performance Lite; in graphite, it is the UST Proforce AXIVCore Black 85-gram.

The Idea a7 OS set for men retails for $800 in graphite and $700 in steel. Individual hybrids also run for $200, and are available in 2 through 6. The graphite stock shaft is the Grafalloy ProLaunch Axis Blue, with 75 grams for regular players and 65 grams for seniors. For mid-hybrid and short irons, consumers may choose between a True Temper Performance Lite steel shaft and the Grafalloy.

In addition, Adams is offering versions of the Idea a7 OS for women as well as an eight-piece, all-hybrid set for those players who love the forgiveness and look of hybrids, and/or have handicaps ranging from 25 to 36.


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