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The iN Crowd: Ping's New Putter Series

It is no surprise when Ping does something special with putters since that’s the category in which the Arizona clubmaker first made its bones half a century ago. And the company is employing a pair of new perimeter weighting and insert technologies to distinguish the performance of its latest line, the iN Series.

The first technology has to do with a nano-nickel coated, urethane insert that is designed to provide a firm, solid feel to the putter face. It also allows Ping to redistribute weight to the perimeter of the club.

“Doing that allows us to improve Moment of Inertia, or MOI, and the center of gravity in the putter for better roll and more forgiveness on off-center hits,” says Brad Schweigert, director of product design at Ping. “The insert is very lightweight but also extremely durable and produces a solid sound and feel.”

The other important attribute of the iN Series line is something called “hole-through technology,” which is the utilization of center body cuts as another way to redistribute weight to the perimeter.

“The idea is to get the weight out of the areas of the putter where it is not helping you and move it to the extremes to increase that MOI,” Schweigert explains. “It really does make a difference in performance when we do that because high MOI increases a putter’s resistance to twisting, which gives a golfer a much better chance of hitting the ball in the sweet spot and making sure it rolls consistently.”

All told, Ping has created 10 putter models for the iN Series line. They include a basic Anser model and other proven shapes such as the B60 and Craz-E as well as futurist-looking Wack-E and 1/2 Wack-E designs.


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