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You Can't Hit Clubs That Don't Fit

It is a simple fact: All the equipment technology in the world is not going to help people play better if their clubs do not fit. That is why companies such as Titleist offer several ways for customers to get tailored gear previously available only to elite players.

The fitting options are many, and they range in price and time commitment from the highest of the high-end – three days at the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, California for $6,650 that includes club, shoe and ball fitting as well as fitness and swing analysis and a new set of sticks  – to a cost-free, hour-long session at a golfer’s club conducted by a certified technician.

“The key to maximizing a player’s ability is to get fit properly,” says Chris McGinley, vice president of marketing worldwide for Titleist golf clubs. “It allows us to improve a player’s strengths while we identify and address weaknesses.”

For the ultimate treatment, there is that three-day session at TPI, located at the Titleist test and research facility in Oceanside, California. This expansive venue is where Titleist touring pros get fitted – and where the company tests its latest gear. Oceanside is a golf geek’s Shangri-La, and that fee includes everything from ultra high-tech swing analysis and physical evaluation to comprehensive club testing and fitting. Participants also receive customized exercise and practice plans accessible on a personalized web site.

A two-day experience contains many of the same services, but for $4,100. And instead of a full set of clubs, golfers take home a custom-built driver and putter.

Players can also enroll in half-day sessions at TPI, or at the equipment maker’s other national fitting center, the Manchester Lane Test Facility near the company’s Massachusetts headquarters, for $1,250 per person. “That gets you the swing analysis, the physical evaluation, the exercise and swing recommendations as well as the actual fitting of the clubs,” says Brett Porath, director of club sales operations for Titleist. Clubs are not included.

Titleist also offers “factory fittings” at those centers for $450. Porath says those sessions take about three hours, with technicians employing the SureFit system and its wealth of interchangeable heads and shafts as well as Track Man launch monitors.


Players may do those fittings solo, with their club pros or as part of a foursome. 

“We ask people always to bring their own clubs, as those will give us important fitting clues,” Porath says. “We can, for example, see wear patterns on the soles and faces.” The idea is to come away with the necessary information to build the optimum club set for each individual.


For more information on Titleist club fitting, go to or call 1-888-Titleist.


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