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Callaway X-24 Hot Irons Longest Ever

Callaway brought out the latest iteration of its popular X-Series clubs late last month, the X-24 Hot irons, and the equipment maker claims they are the longest, most accurate irons Callaway has ever made.

The X-24s certainly look different from previous versions, what with the dark, PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish that reduces glare and gives the clubs a sleek, stealth-like appearance. And while Callaway employs many of the same technologies with them that made X-Series irons bestsellers the past 13 years – such as VFT Face Technology for hotter and more forgiving clubfaces and Precision Notch Weighting for optimal center-of-gravity positioning – they say they have added a few new features to make the X-24s even longer.

“We have a broad offering of irons and can design products with very specific groups of players in mind,” says Dan Stevens, manager of industrial design for Callaway. “And what we were seeing were golfers looking for increases in distance throughout their bags, and not just with their drivers. They want their irons to be long, too, but they do not want to give up accuracy or forgiveness to achieve that. So we looked at how we could make an X-Series iron longer while maintaining those characteristics of accuracy and forgiveness.”

So, how did Callaway nurture that extra distance? 

“We changed the configuration of the clubs a bit,” Stevens explains. “We made them a little longer, and we strengthened the lofts throughout the sets while we continued to use our core technologies to maintain optimum forgiveness and accuracy. As a result, the irons produce faster ball speeds across the clubface and deliver maximum distance.”

The X-24s have a good feel to them, and the ball seems to rocket off the clubface. And the darker finish should placate the golfer who doesn’t like the imposing look of a larger, perimeter-weighted club – but loves the performance it provides.

Available from 4-SW, right-handed only, the X-24s come in both steel and graphite shafts. 


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