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Adidas Technology High On Low Profile

Adidas is trying to take footwear technology to new levels with two of its latest offerings – the TOUR360 4.0 and TOUR360 4.0 Sport. In fact, the company is so bullish on one particular aspect of these shoes – a low-profile outsole system called Advanced THiNTech with PINS (Performance Insert System) – that it is employing it throughout its product line this year.

The TOUR 360 4.0 is the fourth version of the popular TOUR360 shoe, which debuted in 2005, and the first adidas golf shoe to use THiNTech. “We discovered through various studies that getting golfers closer to the ground provided them better lateral stability,” says Masun Denison, manager of U.S. footwear merchandising for adidas Golf. “But we were limited in our ability to do that by the industry-standard attachment mechanism. So, we looked to re-engineer the whole system.”

Adidas enlisted the help of Pride Sports, the leader in golf-cleat technology and makers of Softspikes, to do just that. And the two companies developed PINS, which reduces the height of traditional sole systems by 32 percent as it also makes the shoe lighter and more flexible. “The key is the attachment piece, where the cleats fit into the sole,” says Denison. “The cleat is the same size and shape. It’s the way we are able to attach them that is different.”

“Advanced THiNTech is more than just a new footwear technology,” adds David Ortley, senior director of global footwear for adidas Golf. “In fact, it’s a better way to build golf shoes, focused on reducing platform thickness to improve product performance. Improvements in stability, power transfer, balance and feel are now possible, promising a stronger connection to the ground and ultimately, better ball striking.”

In addition to employing THiNTech, both versions of the 4.0 also feature a so-called uni-body construction that connects the external heel counter with what adidas describes as 360Wrap technology to the outsole so golfers may have even greater stability when they play. The TOUR360 4.0 has leather uppers, comes in five colorways and boasts a two-year, waterproof warranty. 

As for the TOUR360 4.0 Sport, a more athletic looking shoe designed for warmer weather, it features a new nano-coating technology dubbed “ion-mask” that protects the lightweight mesh upper of the shoe by providing water repellency and stain reduction without sacrificing breathability and comfort. It comes in two colorways.

“We consider the 4.0 our technical flagship, and these are two very technical products,” says Denison. “We think they are the only shoes out there that blend technology and tradition so seamlessly.”


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