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Callaway Helps Golfers Stay Fit(ted)

There are no shortages of places to go to get fitted for Callaway golf equipment. In fact, the California club and ball maker currently operates 10 Corporate Performance Centers around the world and boasts a dozen Callaway Performance Centers throughout the United States, with two more coming online this summer. 

The company also has fitting carts at more than 1,800 golf courses and retail locations in America, where certified pros can properly tailor, say X-24 irons and Jaws wedges, to players of all ages and abilities. In addition, Callaway has two Tour Fit vans on the road that not only give consumers the chance to get custom fit for an FT Tour driver, for example, or a Diablo Edge fairway metal, but also the opportunity to have those clubs built and delivered within a matter of hours. And if that is not enough, Callaway organizes some 5,000 demo days a year.

What all that means, of course, is that golfers do not have to look very hard for a place to get fitted for new Callaway gear much as a top pro or elite amateur would. And it won’t cost them very much in terms of time or money either.

As you might expect, the flagship Corporate Performance Center is located at Callaway’s headquarters in Carlsbad, Calif. Technicians there man two indoor fitting bays, employing high-speed cameras that capture ball launch and clubhead data in an effort to determine the best ball and club options. Golfers can purchase 90-minute sessions and receive a dozen balls and a logoed towel or hat when they are done.

But you don’t have to come to Carlsbad for fittings like that, as there are Corporate Performance Centers at nine other locations, including four in Canada, two in Australia and one each in England (London), South Korea (Seoul) and Japan (Tokyo). Callaway staffers run them all, and they all employ the same fitting technologies. 

One of the big differences between those outposts and the 12 Callaway Performance Centers is that the latter are located only in the U.S., from Barton Creek in Austin, Tex., to Troon North in Scottsdale, Ariz.; from Annika Academy in Reunion, Fla., to Golf By Design in King of Prussia, Penn. There is even one in New York City, at The World of Golf, with others opening in Memphis, Tennessee, and Santa Ana, Calif., later this year.

Another distinction is that Callaway employees staff only the Callaway Golf Center in Las Vegas; fitters who have been meticulously trained by the company oversee the rest of the Performance Centers. Full or partial bag fittings are available. Some sort of rebate or bonus is generally offered to those who end up purchasing Callaway equipment. 

Of course, golfers might find one of the more than 1,800 places with Callaway fitting carts more accessible. Prices at these locales vary, too. But the majority of them will fit you for free – inside or outside depending on the venue and the facilities available – if you end up buying some equipment after the process is complete.

Then, of course, there are the Tour Fit vans, which employ TrackMan launch monitors to measure club delivery and full-shot trajectory to determine the best ball and clubs for each person. And Callaway also stages thousands of demo days each year free of charge to introduce golfers to the wonders and possibilities of ball and club fitting.

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