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Miura a Leader in High-End Irons

They do not have the name recognition of the major golf equipment brands, and not nearly the international distribution network. But the irons made by Katsuhiro Miura enjoy as strong a reputation for quality, looks and performance as there is in the game. And his latest release, the forged, cavity-back CB-501, is no exception. 

Boasting a nickel chrome finish and available in right-handed sets, 3-iron through PW, the elegant CB-501 irons are precision-forged by hand and custom crafted. Miura’s goal was to create a club at his manufacturing and product development facilities in Himeji, Japan, that promotes ideal ball flight while providing enough offset for optimum playability as well as a sole grind that accommodates a broad range of players, touring pro through avid weekend player.

Beginning with a full cavity-back design, Miura eventually borrowed a feature from his company’s storied past – the sweet spot muscleback – and spent two years integrating those design variables in different ways until he found what he considered to be the blend best suited to the widest range of players. The result is the CB-501, which is available through top clubmakers and custom-fitting shops throughout North America, Europe, Asia, South Africa and the United Kingdom as well as at select on- and off-course accounts.

Miura has been making his own clubs since 1957, but it wasn’t until 1974 that he opened and began operating his own factory. His primary market early on was in Japan, where his work became quite celebrated, and he developed a forging process that enabled him to create a tighter grain structure in the clubhead that led to a softer, more solid feel. It also enhanced the speed at which the ball comes off the face.

In addition to the new CB-501s, Miura also boasts several iron and wedge lines, among them the stylish Series 1957 small blade, as well as a pair of putter models and drivers, fairway woods and utilities.


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