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Life In The Fast Lane: New Adam's Speedline Driver

Adams Golf has developed something of a pattern with regards to driver introductions the past couple of years. The Plano, Tex., company introduces a new main-line product in the winter, at the PGA Merchandise Show, and then follows up with a summer rollout of a niche-oriented offering.

The main-line club this past PGA Show was the Adams Speedline FAST 10, which utilized improved aerodynamics to increase clubhead speed and add distance. And the new driver this summer is the Speedline 9064LS.

Aerodynamics is an important part of the 9064LS technology story as well, with the patent-pending shaping of its clubhead creating less drag and airflow turbulence during the swing. Adams technicians say those enhancements increase speed even more and can add up to 15 yards of distance as a result. But with this driver, the company has also deepened the face and increased Moment of Inertia. The result is better forgiveness as well as a club that produces 15 percent less spin.

“This is for the golfer who generates higher spin with his drives,” says Scott Burnett, director of advanced product development for Adams Golf. “He can achieve more distance with a club that produces less spin, which is what the 9064LS provides.”

“It’s a little bit of a better player’s club,” Burnett adds. “But it really does hit a very wide range of golfers.”

The Speedline 9064LS has already made an impression on the Champions Tour and is currently being used by Adams Golf staff members Tom Watson, Paul Azinger and Tommy Armour III. Available to consumers in September, it offers a pair of stock shafts from Aldila: the RIP Alpha for lower ball flight and the RIP Gamma for those who want their ball flight to be higher.

Golfers looking for the ultimate in customization might want to consider a version of the 9064LS called DFS, for Distance Fitting System, which allows them to adjust the length of the club, between 45, 45½ and 46 inches. “Our research showed us how differences in club lengths can affect performance, and we thought we should give our customers a way to take advantage of that,” says Burnett. “We are the first ones in the industry to offer a kit that enables players not only to change shafts and adjust head weight and loft but also club length.”

Adds Tim Reed, vice president of research and development at Adams: “Shaft length may be the most dramatic factor in determining distance, and we feel we are finally giving consumers the option to truly optimize their driver for increased distance off the tee.”

The DFS version of the Speedline 9064LS is available with the same Aldila RIP shafts.


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