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Bridgestone's New Tour B330 Gets Longer

In developing the fourth generation of its B330 golf ball, Bridgestone engineers focused on improving the overall distance performance for players with faster swings.

“The feedback from our touring pros as well as our consumers was that they liked the spin of their B330s just fine, even with the change in regulations regarding grooves,” says Brandon Sowell, director of marketing for Bridgestone Golf. “So we looked at ways to enhance distance and make what was already a long golf ball even longer.”

The result is the Bridgestone Tour B330 and Tour B330-S. And the primary difference in these balls is the material density of the pair of polymer resin mantles that provides greater velocity at contact as well as what engineers call quicker restoration, which helps to reduce spin at tour-level (105 miles per hour and above) swing speeds. What that does, Sowell says, is allow better players to hit their longer clubs longer. 

Both versions of the new Tour B330 feature a seamless Urethane cover with a 330-dimple design. But the one on the Tour B330-S is somewhat softer than the Tour B330 and offers greater greenside spin as a result. To compensate for that, Bridgestone has created a shallower dimple design in an effort to reduce up-shoot spin while promoting a flatter trajectory and the sort of wind-boring performance consistent with that of the Tour B330. In addition, the new dimple pattern on the Tour B330-S promotes a shallower landing angle on tee shots for more fairway roll.

According to Sowell, Matt Kuchar has been using a prototype Bridgestone ball utilizing these new mantles, and company officials expect him to switch to the one of the Tour B330 models shortly. 

The new Tour B330s started shipping to U.S. pro shops and retail outlets Nov. 1. They will be available in the U.K., Canada, and most other parts of the golfing world, a month later. 


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