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Callaway Diablo Revs Up To Another Gear

With the introduction of the Diablo Octane, Callaway is doing more than heralding the rollout of its latest driver. It is also unveiling a new material, called forged-composite, that the equipment maker considers a significant technological breakthrough – and something it will employ in other Callaway clubs moving forward.

The California clubmaker developed forged-composite in conjunction with Lamborghini of Italy. The idea was to create a material that improved performance in their primary products by making them lighter and stronger. In the case of Lamborghini, which manufacturers highly regarded sports cars, forged-composite enabled it to improve power-to-weight ratios as well as acceleration capabilities. As for Callaway, company engineers say the material allowed them to develop a clubhead that produces a greater transfer of power at impact and a longer and more accurate ball flight when compared to all-titanium counterparts.

In other words, drivers with lighter, more efficiently constructed clubheads that send tee shots farther and straighter.

“Forged-composite is the lightest, strongest and most precise material we have ever used in our clubs,” says Dr. Alan Hocknell, senior vice president of research and development for Callaway Golf. “And by applying it in tandem with a proprietary isothermal forging process, we generated a measurable performance advantage over the metal alloys generally used to manufacture golf clubs. The Diablo Octane drivers are configured to deliver unmatched power and precision through superior design, construction and advanced materials.”

According to Hocknell, employing forged-composite in the crown of the Diablo Octane allows Callaway to precisely set the clubhead’s center of gravity and moment of inertia for greater accuracy. The lighter, more efficient clubhead is then paired with a longer shaft to increase head speed and power at impact, for longer distances. Additionally, the new driver features Callaway’s proprietary Hyperbolic Face Technology, which utilizes a chemical milling process to provide a larger sweet spot.

“We were looking to deliver the biggest power-to-weight ratio possible with this club,” Hocknell adds. “This new material allows us to make the driver lighter without losing power performance or accuracy as it also enables us to move the weight around the head to more advantageous positions.”

The Diablo Octane comes in standard and Tour models. The Project X graphite shaft is stock in both versions, but comes in different lengths, measuring 46 inches in the Diablo Octane and 45.5 inches in the Diablo Octane Tour. In addition, the Tour model has a slightly smaller head size than standard models as well as a full hosel and a more open look at address. The Diablo Octane drivers will be available as of mid-November.


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