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Wedge Wizard Vokey Unveils Tour Designs

Vokey WedgeWorks is a high-performance custom shop where Bob Vokey and his team of artisans build wedges for everyone from PGA Tour players to recreational golfers. And every couple of months the past two years, he has released almost random, limited edition creations for sale to the public, with the club choices varying each time with regards to lofts, grinds, models and finishes. A recent offering, for example, featured what Vokey described as Tour Issue Raw wedges, with pre-2010 grooves, custom stamping and engraving and a raw steel finish without any plating.

Recently, Vokey and his patrons at Titleist introduced an actual WedgeWorks line, called Exclusives. The idea is to gives golfers a more regular opportunity to purchase wedges that are personalized and built exclusively at the WedgeWorks shop in Carlsbad, Calif.

“WedgeWorks is a life-long dream come true,” says Vokey. “Wedges are personal, and Exclusives allow golfers the opportunity to make Tour-inspired and Tour-proven wedges their very own.” 

The first Exclusives wedge to come to market is the crescent-shaped Tour Van Design (TVD), which has a variation of what Vokey says is his “most favorite” M grind. He combines that with a moderate camber so the club can more easily pivot around its center for versatility and shot making. Its moderate effective bounce also makes TVD effective in a variety of playing conditions.

The TVD wedges come with pre-2010 Spin Milled grooves as well as those that now must be used on the PGA Tour (and will eventually be required at other levels of play). Two distinctive finishes were created specifically for this model – Bright Brushed Chrome and Oil Can Zero – and they are the only ones in the entire Vokey Design wedge line-up that have a Tour grind in lower lofts beginning at 52 degrees and increasing to 60 degrees in two-degree increments. 

What makes the Exclusives line even more unusual are all the customization options that had previously been reserved for the best players in the world. Golfers can chose from a range of 40 different toe engravings and as many as 20 paint-fill possibilities as well as stampings in three different styles and up to eight letters or numbers. The engraving options, of course, are endless. WedgeWorks also boasts a high performance shaft matrix that includes True Temper’s Dynamic Gold, Project X and Tour Issue as well as KBS Tour in steel and black nickel. And the final touches, as Vokey likes to say, as in golfers’ hands, as WedgeWorks has a variety of BV grips and specially designed shaft bands from which to choose. 


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