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Callaway Releases Mickelson Model Putters

Shortly after Phil Mickelson won last year’s Masters, Callaway Golf produced 164 limited edition versions of the Odyssey PT 82 putter he used. Half of those were for right-handed players, and half for lefties (like Lefty). Made of carbon steel and machined to Mickelson’s exact specifications, they featured a White Hot XG insert and vintage finish as well as a Black Series grip that had the same five wraps of tape underneath it Mickelson prefers. The putters sold out in only a day, even though they carried a hefty price tag.

That offering went so well, that Callaway officials decided to do it again, but with a slightly different version of the PT (for Pro Type) 82 putter at a somewhat lower price.

“The putter is driven so much by the Tour,” says Chris Koske, senior brand manager for Odyssey putters. “You have great visibility with it on television. And with a marquis player like Phil Mickelson playing such a unique putter as our Odyssey PT 82, we find lots of people clamoring for one just like his. So, we wanted to bring a replica putter to market that cost a bit less than the one we released right after The Masters but was very similar in make-up to Phil’s.”

This version of the PT 82 boasts a blade-like design with a single sight line running from the face to the back of the flange. The head is cast out of stainless steel with a dark, PVD finish and features a White Ice insert that has been fine-tuned so the inner core is nearly 20 percent firmer for better feel and 92 percent firmer for improved resiliency. Behind that insert, the company has placed a milled tungsten weight to ensure precise weight and feel.

This PT 82 will have the four degrees of loft Mickelson’s regular putter boasts and the same 69-degree lie. But it will come in multiple lengths, including the 35-inch version the three-time Masters winner uses as well as ones 33 and 34 inches long.

According to Koske, Callaway made 10,000 of these putters available to retailers Nov. 1., with a quarter of those being offered in the U.S. and the rest in other global locations. And while there are no immediate plans to bring out limited editions of putter models its other staff professionals play on Tour, Callaway will likely do something along those lines down the road.


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