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Titleist Expands Popular 910 Fairway Family

Drivers seem to get most of the attention when it comes to advances in equipment fitting and performance. But fairway metals and hybrids are more and more deserving of notice these days, as clubmakers push the technological envelopes in those categories just as hard.

Recent production introductions from Titleist under the 910 series name are cases in point. The 910 fairway metals combine fast, stable head designs with the company’s SureFit hosel fitting system to produce a playability not usually expected in a long-game club, as well as a flexibility that gives golfers the option of 16 different lie and loft combinations. As for the 910 hybrids, they offer the same SureFit technology, which Titleist engineers call “Tour Van in a hosel” for the way it allows golfers to quickly make precise adjustments to lie and loft, as well as a clubhead that Titleist officials say produces higher launch, lower spin and straighter flight.

Both of those new offerings are designed to complement the Titleist 910 driver that was introduced last fall. According to Dan Stone, vice president of R&D for Titleist golf clubs, they offer “substantial gains in ball flight, looks, feel and sound.”

Titleist is marketing two fairway metals under the 910 series moniker. The 910F, which Stone says is geared for “flexible performance from all conditions,” features a pear-shaped head design with a deep center of gravity for easier launch off the turf and straighter, more consistent ball flight with medium trajectory and medium-to-low spin. Then, there is the 910F-d, a larger volume fairway metal with a higher moment of inertia to optimize distance off the tee. Its face is somewhat deeper than the 910F and promotes a mid-to-low trajectory as well as low spin for a more boring flight.

Of course, the 910 fairway metals have as many similarities as they do differences. Each features a sleek, black look and utilizes a variable thickness face insert to provide a larger maximum ball speed area.

The heads of the 910H hybrids have a chassis that is five-percent larger than the previous iterations as well as a square toe profile. According to Stone, the clubs feature a higher moment of inertia to enhance control and produce higher launch, lower spin and a straighter flight. In addition, he says, the profile, offset and center of gravity transitions throughout the lofts to create optimal trajectory and spin.

Both the 910 fairway metals and hybrids are available at retailers Feb. 1. SureFit wrench and weight kits are available for purchase, too.


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