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New Pro V1 Emphasizes Aerodynamics

Ten years after introducing the Pro V1, Titleist continues to make improvements to that groundbreaking golf ball, as well as to the lower-spin offshoot, Pro V1x. The latest versions debuted at last week’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando and will begin shipping to golf shops and off-course retailers in February.

According to Bill Morgan, senior vice president for golf ball research and design at Titleist, the new Pro V1 has increased spin for improved control into the greens, primarily through a change in the core formulation and molding process. 

“We had received a lot of input from tour players who wanted to see a bit more spin with the Pro V1,” Morgan explains. “And we got similar feedback from serious amateurs through our ball- fitting programs. The performance attributes of the Pro V1 and Pro V1x were getting closer together the past few generations, and we wanted to differentiate them more, largely because that is what our golfers wanted.”

At the same time, Morgan and his charges developed a spherically tiled, tetrahedron dimple design for the Pro V1 that has allowed the equipment maker to add distance to the Pro V1 – and to compensate for any yardage they might have lost from adding spin. This iteration has 352 dimples that come in five different sizes, down from 392 in the previous generation. 


“In fact, we got all the distance back, and then some, meaning the new Pro V1 is as long as ever even though it spins more,” he explains.

With regards to the Pro V1x, Titleist sought to maintain its popular feel, spin and durability with a higher flight trajectory that increased distance. Morgan says they achieved that by changing the cover design with this ball as well, creating one with 328 spherically tiled tetrahedron dimples that come in seven sizes, down just four in total number from its predecessor. 

“It is exceptionally efficient aerodynamically, and most Pro V1x players have noticed that this version peaks further downrange and carries farther than prior generation golf balls,” he says. “It also performs very well in windy conditions.”

And that last development speaks to something Titleist sought to add to the latest versions of both Pro V1 golf balls when it altered their aerodynamics – more consistent ball flight. 


“I hear comments from our Tour players all the time about that,” Morgan adds. “They are seeing a more consistent, more piercing ball flight because the new dimple patterns are the most uniform surfaces we have ever developed. The ball is where the golfers want to see it, as a result.” 


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