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RAZR Hawk On Cutting Edge In Speed

The latest driver offerings from Callaway, RAZR Hawk and RAZR Hawk Tour, integrate a pair of promising new technologies. One is a sophisticated carbon material called Forged Composite that is used in the driver’s crown and sole. Forged Composite was developed in partnership with the luxury Italian carmaker Automobili Lamborghini and first employed by Callaway in the Diablo Octane drivers that debuted last fall. The material has only a third the density of titanium. It also features a greater load-carrying capacity per unit mass in bending, and Callaway club makers say it provides them with a previously unattainable level of precision. 

As for the other advance, it comes in the form of Streamlined Surface Technology, which addresses the complex variations in aerodynamic flow during a driver’s entire downswing, from transition through impact. And when it is applied with Forged Composite, Callaway engineers say they can reduce energy loss due to drag in the RAZR Hawk by 43 percent when compared to its predecessor, the FT-9 driver – and do so without sacrificing low Center of Gravity, Moment of Inertia or accurate trajectories. As a result, RAZR Hawk produces the highest head speeds ever recorded by a 460 cc Callaway driver, which are designed to lead to measurable distance gains. 

“Designing a club head built almost entirely out of Forged Composite gave us the ability to engineer speed, power and precision enhancements that exceeded even our own high expectations,” says Dr. Alan Hocknell, senior vice president of Research and Development for Callaway Golf. “Forged Composite’s flexural strength and low density allows us to strategically locate every last gram of weight to increase performance. Further, the ability to precisely forge the carbon material to within one-thousandth of an inch yielded aerodynamic shaping that greatly reduced energy lost during a golfer’s downswing.” 

The RAZR Hawk standard driver is available in either Draw or Neutral models. A Tour version is also offered, with a 45.5-inch shaft as well as a slightly smaller head size and more open face at address. Both models use Callaway’s Hyperbolic Face Technology for improved impact efficiency. 


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