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Burner Ball Built For Performance, Value

As the company’s premium golf ball brand, the five-piece Penta garners most of the attention in that category at TaylorMade. But officials there believe the new Burner Tour model deserves serious consideration, as well, for its overall performance and also for the price at which it sells.
The two-piece Burner Tour utilizes the company’s proprietary REACT Core design to promote faster ball speed while maintaining softer performance around the greens. At the same time, the ball incorporates LDP (for Low-Drag Performance) aerodynamics into a 342 LDP dimple pattern for enhanced lift and greater distance.

But the most significant attribute of this product is an iothane 57D cover that is not only shear-resistant but also the softest and thinnest cover TaylorMade has ever used in a two-piece. The result, according to Dean Snell, senior director of golf ball research and development at TaylorMade, is higher spin and increased feel around the greens.

“It really is a ball for players who want that good performance but do not want to spend the money for a tour- caliber product,” adds Lindsay Main, product line manager for golf balls at TaylorMade. “Burner Tour is geared for the average player who needs help with spin around the green. It gives them tour performance at half the price, which is $21.99 a dozen.”
At the same time that TaylorMade released the Burner Tour last fall, the company also brought out a next-generation Burner golf ball. It has the same REACT core and LDP aerodynamics as the Burner Tour but employs an iothane 60D cover that is not quite as thin and soft as the one used for that model. That means the Burner golf ball does not spin as much as Burner Tour.


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