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Bridgestone e-Series: Something For Everyone

There are distinct performance differences in each of the three new e-Series golf ball models Bridgestone brought out this spring. The e-5, for example, is a two-piece product with a Tour-caliber urethane cover designed to promote greater feel and spin around the green with short-game shots as it also improves distance off the tee, especially for those players with moderate swing speeds.

On the other hand, the e-6 is a low-compression, three-piece ball with a Surlyn cover that is made to reduce sidespin for increased accuracy as it also enhances length for those moderate swing speed golfers.

As for the three-piece e-7, which also features a Surlyn cover as well as what company engineers call a “velocity-boosting core,” it is designed to produce a more penetrating ball flight, resulting in what Brandon Sowell, Bridgestone Golf’s director of marketing, describes as “the most pure distance of the e-Series golf balls.”

As different as those attributes may be, those three e-Series models have one thing in common: they all employ Dual Dimple Technology. Simply put, that advance has allowed the company to improve aerodynamics by putting a smaller dimple inside of a larger dimple on the ball cover.

How so? Sowell explains. “Traditional golf balls use single dimples,” he says. “But here, we have developed an extra smaller dimple within a dimple, and that allows us to take advantage of different areas of the ball’s cover. Think of an aircraft, and the way it uses different parts of the wing at different angles during take-off and landing. With the e-Series, we use a deeper, inside dimple to help increase thrust power at launch because it reduces drag as the air flows in it, and an exterior dimple to help promote a shallower landing angle for more roll-out.”

The e-Series golf balls began shipping March 1. In addition to coming in traditional white, the e-6 version is also available in optic yellow and orange.


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