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RAZR Hawk Fairways On The Fast Track

Callaway Golf engineers did not limit their use of forged composite to the company’s RAZR Hawk drivers that were rolled out earlier this year. In fact, the equipment maker also introduced a new line of RAZR Hawk fairway woods with crowns that utilize that same advanced material it developed in partnership with Automobili Lamborghini of Italy.
The idea, again, is that by fusing the lightweight material to a 17-4 stainless steel body, Callaway can re-position weight along the perimeter of the sole in order to boost forgiveness and enhance the launch angle of shots.
A quick remedial is necessary here: Forged composite features 500,000 turbostratic carbon fibers per square inch (and there are a total of 4 million of them on each RAZR Hawk fairway crown). According to Callaway officials, that makeup creates the lightest, strongest and most precise material the company has ever employed in its clubmaking.
When forged composite is used in RAZR Hawk fairways, the weight of the crown turns out to be 24 grams less than it would have been had it made them with stainless steel instead.

“That lighter crown gives us the ability to reposition weight in the fairway and lower the center of gravity,” says Dan Stevens, manager of industrial design for Callaway. “And that gives us considerable performance advantages, including increased distance and accuracy.”

As it was working on advances in areas with its forged composite crown, Callaway also sought to improve the shaping of the face thickness in each fairway so it could grow the sweetspot as it also generates hotter ball speeds to add even more length off of shots, even on mis-hits.
In addition, it consulted with members of its Tour staff to give the clubhead a more traditional shape and a full-length hosel, so it might appeal as much visually to the best players in the world as well as the weekend golfers looking for solid game improvement.


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