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Iron Craftsman Miura Introduces Hybrids

While Miura Golf has long been known as a maker of high-quality forged irons, the Japanese equipment company is now getting props for its latest line of utility clubs, the MG Hybrid.
Sleek and stylish, the MG Hybrid comes in two lofts, the 20-degree HB3 (3-iron) and the 23-degree HB4 (4-iron). Both are made of SUS455 steel, and both boast an I.P. black finish.
According to Miura Golf president Adam Barr, the MG Hybrid has two primary technology stories. One involves the club’s Circle Cut sole shape, in which a line cuts through the sole to create a stepped tier. That is designed not only to provide the optimal setting for CG (center of gravity) and to promote the best possible flight trajectory but also to help the hybrid get through the turf, whether short fairway grass or deep rough, more efficiently.
As for the other advance Miura technicians like to tout in this offering, it centers on the height of the MG Hybrid clubface, which features a kind of a blade-iron design and is about as high as a golf ball (43 mm). “The idea is to give golfers a lot of confidence when they set up, in part by allowing them to think of the MG hybrid as more of an iron at address, and then to hit it the same way as an iron,” explains Barr.
Barr says that Miura’s new hybrids were born from extensive consumer feedback and the recognition that utility clubs are now used for everything, from long second-shots on par 5s and pinpoint approaches on lengthy par 4s to tee shots on long par 3s. “As more and more players have put hybrids into their bags, they have become even more important as supporters of the irons that are already there,” he adds.
For Miura, it only made sense that its irons be supported by hybrids bearing that same name.


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