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Vokey WedgeWorks: Tour Treatment For Everyone

Over the past couple of years, club maker Bob Vokey has created a variety of offerings from his WedgeWorks custom shop so recreational golfers could get what he describes as “Tour treatment without the Tour card.”

First, he began releasing limited edition wedge models for sale, and then Vokey came up with the WedgeWorks Exclusives line, giving golfers a more regular opportunity to buy wedges that are personalized and built exclusively at his WedgeWorks shop in Carlsbad, Calif.

Most recently, he and his patrons at Titleist started WedgeWorks Services, which allows players a variety of touring pro-like care, customization and personalization possibilities for their Vokey wedges, whether brand new or ones they already own. For example, golfers can send in their Vokeys so lie and loft may be checked and adjusted and ask for the club heads to be buffed, polished and cleaned.

Shafts and grips may be replaced as well, and paintfill restored. Initials can also be stamped on club heads, and names lasered onto shafts and swing weights upped or lowered. In addition, players are able to order new Vokey wedges and have them sent over to WedgeWorks Services – for a custom ferrule, for example, or some snow-stamping – before the clubs are actually shipped out.

“Wedges are very personal, and the idea is to let golfers add their personal touches in a wide variety of ways and also give them the opportunity to have their wedges tuned and cleaned,” says Dave Neville, marketing manager for Vokey.

According to Neville, customers may place orders for Vokey WedgeWorks Services through authorized Titleist retailers or by visiting The minimum order amount is $35, and the turnaround time for individual clubs is approximately five to seven days after the wedges are received. Information on the different offerings from WedgeWorks may be found at the Vokey website, and golfers can also e-mail questions to


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