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Ping Unveils Complete Anser Putter Line

Ping has been making Anser putters since 1966, when company founder Karsten Solheim sketched his first version of that venerable, blade-style club on the sleeve of a 78-rpm record. Since that time, golfers have won more than 500 worldwide tour events with Ansers – and a total of 26 major championships. No putter in golf history has been more successful.

It’s also safe to say that no putter model has been more widely imitated. Which is one reason why Ping has released, for the first time, a series of Anser putters.

“We wanted to take ownership of the model once again by creating a family of Anser putters,” says Brad Schweigert, director of engineering for Ping. “And this family includes the highest quality Ansers anywhere.”

Dubbed the Anser Milled Putter Series, it is comprised of seven different models. All are precision milled from 303 stainless steel, and all have a satin nickel finish. Yet, each one possesses different design attributes in terms of blade length, visual aids, hosel configurations and top-line thickness to appeal to a wide range of players – and is made to fit a variety of strokes.

Four of the models – Anser, Anser 1, Anser 2 and Anser 3 – are mid-hang balanced and geared for the golfer with a slight arc stroke. And there are subtle differences with each of those. The Anser, for example, does not have a visual aid in the form of a line in the sole slot, while Nos. 1, 2 and 3 do.

The heel-to-toe length in the Anser 2 is a little narrower than Anser, and the Anser 3 boasts a mid-slant hosel as opposed to the plumber’s necks and goose necks that others in the series employ.

As for the Anser 4s and Anser 6s, they are toe-down and designed for those golfers with a strong arc, while the Anser 5 is face balanced and made expressly for players with straight-back/straight-through strokes.

“This really is a comprehensive offering,” says Schweigert. “We’ve made it that way so golfers have plenty of options, and so those looking for Anser–style putters do not have to look any farther than Ping.”


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