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Heavy Putter Weighs In With Two New Models

Stephen Boccieri has been getting props for his Heavy Putters ever since he introduced them in 2005. What set them apart was their application of a heavier mass head and counter-balanced weight in the grip end of the shaft.

According to Boccieri, that combination enabled golfers to engage the body’s larger, more stable muscles – as opposed to their hands and wrists – to promote greater stroke stability, better swing path consistency, more uniform pace and ultra-precise control of both distance and direction.

“The total weight of the putter is what makes it stay on plane,” Boccieri says. “There is less twitching in the hands, and that makes it easier to repeat the stroke as well as the stroke path. And by raising the balance point closer to the hands, there is no ratcheting of the wrists, and the player is better able to use the bigger muscles in his body to make his stroke.”

Tour pros and elite amateurs quickly embraced the concept, which Boccieri says is not unlike the one that makes belly putters so popular these days. And over the past five years, Heavy Putters have recorded wins on the PGA Tour and European PGA Tour as well as the Champions, Nationwide, Asian, Canadian and European Challenge circuits.

Recently, Boccieri released a pair of new Heavy Putters under its Tour Series collection, the Q2-MT, an offset blade in the Anser style, and the R3-MT, which is a half mallet. Both are traditional in size and made of forged stainless steel and CNC milled for improved feel and feedback. Both weigh in at 750 grams. In addition, they each feature a bright silver PVD finish designed to highlight the leading edge and make it easier to see if the putter head is square to the line for better aiming, and a white grip.

“From a design standpoint, these Tour Series putters are among the most striking we have ever produced,” adds Boccieri. “And they perform as well as any we have ever made.”


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