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Nike VR Pro Wedges Built For Sole

Golf equipment enthusiasts dubbed 2010 “The Year of the Wedge” for all the activity occurring in that category at the time. There were new regulations compelling manufacturers to make the grooves in those clubs narrower and more rounded so it wasn’t so easy to spin shots out of the rough – and compelling tour pros to begin using them in competition.

Those rules also allowed club makers to keep producing the sharper, U-shaped grooves for all of 2010 – and allowed recreational golfers to continue using them for several years thereafter. As a result, old models with their sharp, biting edges were heavily marketed as conforming ones were introduced.

Wedges, to be sure, were all the rage.

Well, 2010 has come and gone. And 2011 is about over. Yet, wedges continue to demand a great deal of attention from equipment manufacturers as well as from golfers, and new models are being brought out with great regularity, like the Nike VR Pro Forged DS (Dual Sole).

The DS is an extension of the VR Pro wedge line introduced earlier this year, and according to Tony Dabbs, product line manager for golf clubs, it has a very narrow contact area for the sole with added leading edge bounce for normally addressed shots. That is designed to eliminate digging and let the club glide more easily through the turf. It also helps to prevent bladed shots, Dabbs says. And when the face is in an open position for flop shots, a relieved heel design allows the leading edge to sit low to the ball.

The DS comes in three finish options: Satin Chrome, Oxide and Platinum. It also utilizes the company’s high frequency X3X grooves, which has been an important feature of the VR Pro wedge line. These have a laser crosshatch pattern that is applied to the land area between each of the 20 grooves on the face, adding three times the surface texture versus conventionally finished faces to create more spin in all conditions.


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