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Wilson FYbrids Fuse Fairway Clubs, Hybrids

As far as Michael Vrska, the global director of golf research and development at Wilson Golf, is concerned, the most important feature of the company’s new fairway and hybrid line – dubbed FYbrid RS – is the so-called “rocker sole.” Hence the RS in the club’s name.

To be sure, he says, the low and deep weighting in the head enhances Center of Gravity for better launch and bolsters the Moment of Inertia for improved forgiveness. Vrska also likes how the shaping of the clubhead and its flat crown construction assists set-up behind the ball and the ways the deep, elongated cross-section drives weight away from the face.

In addition, Vrska is quick to laud the three-zone Face Technology that is designed to give the FYbrid as high a COR as is possible for clubs of that ilk, so players may maximize their ball speeds. But in his mind, it is the rocker sole that truly gives these sticks the goods.

“We have fused fairways and hybrids into a single family and created in the process a club with a shorter blade length heel to toe and a smooth curving sole radius,” Vrska says. “And that toe and heel relief with that sole is what makes it easier for a greater variety of players to hit shots from a wider variety of lies with better results.”

Released this fall, the FYbrid RS is available in men’s 3- and 5-woods, a 19.5-degree “fybrid” (2-iron) and 21-degree (3-iron), 24-degree (4-iron), 27-degree (5-iron) and 30-degree (6-iron) versions. And the stock shaft is the UST-Mamiya Proforce VTS “Black.”

Women’s versions of the FYbrid RS come in 3- and 5-woods and 3h, 4h and 5h hybrids, with a Lady VTS “Blue” shaft stock.

Online fitting is available at for those golfers looking for help in building their bags with these clubs.


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