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Titleist Adds Clubs For Moderate Speeds

Titleist has long touted itself as the clubmaker for serious golfers, and that group remains its primary target. But the company hopes to expand its hold on that audience with an extension of its 910 line of drivers, fairways and hybrids, which are designed specifically for those players with moderate swing speeds.

According to Chris McGinley, vice-president of marketing for Titleist golf clubs, the equipment manufacturer has sought to do that through three primary ways.

“First, we’ve added higher lofts to the 910 metals line,” he says. “In drivers, for example, we now offer one of 12 degrees, because research showed us that a club with that loft launches the ball higher and provides significantly greater distance for players whose ball speeds fall in that moderate range of 110 to 130 miles per hour.”

Additional research told technicians that similar alterations worked for fairways and hybrids, too. As a result, Titleist added a fairway to the 910 family with a loft of 21 degrees, and a hybrid of 27 degrees. The idea in both cases was to increase launch and spin for more stable ball flight and improved consistency versus long irons as well as to generate better stopping power and control into greens and enhanced distance gapping options from irons to driver.

At the same time, Titleist decided to employ lighter weight Mitsubishi Bassara W shafts in its Moderate Speed 910 line. Those are composed of graphite laminate and reinforced with elastic titanium nickel wire, which allows the shaft to bend more easily to store maximum energy and recover its original shape more quickly.

In addition, Titleist is encouraging moderate-swing golfers to take advantage of its heralded fitting program, with an emphasis for them on optimal set configuration, again to ensure that the slower swingers have the proper gaps between their clubs, and the best ones to produce optimal launch and spin conditions.


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