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Bridgestone: Tour Caliber Golf Balls For Everyone

In revamping its B330 family of golf balls, Bridgestone is looking to reach a broader range of golfers as it also seeks to enhance performance and playability.
Start with the four-piece Tour B330 and Tour B330-S models, which are geared toward players with swing speeds greater than 105 mph and will be available at retail in March. Both feature the company’s proprietary Dual Dimple Technology, which is designed to optimize aerodynamic performance, with the cover’s smaller inner dimples increasing thrust power at launch for greater distance while the larger outer dimples promote a shallow angle of descent for increased roll out on landing. In addition, these versions of the B330 come with larger cores, for increased ball velocity, and softer urethane covers, for better spin performance, than previous iterations.
“I’ve always thought Bridgestone golf balls were hands-down the most consistent balls in the wind, but the new Dual Dimple pattern flies even better,” said PGA Tour professional Matt Kuchar, who endorses Bridgestone products. “How Bridgestone is able to make a golf ball go farther, and at the same time spin more around the green, just boggles my mind.”
Bridgestone engineers say they were not only thinking about guys like Kuchar when they set about upgrading the B330, as evidenced by the introduction of the Tour B330-RX and Tour B330-RXS ball models. Also out in March, these three-piecers are designed specifically for amateur swing speeds less than 105 mph and feature a newly patented mantle layer and as well as the Dual Dimple Technology.
The concept for these was born from information gathered through Bridgestone’s ball-fitting service showing that nearly 75 percent of golfers have swing speeds that prevent them from properly compressing the traditionally firmer Tour ball cores. So, Bridgestone created a softer core Urethane cover for these balls in an attempt to make it easier for moderate swing speed players to do that. In addition, a newly formulated mantle layer is designed to further reduce sidespin and backspin on longer golf shots for better accuracy and distance.


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