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Harmon Backs Haney's Right To Publish

The momentum for the anticipation for the publishing date of instructor Hank Haney’s book on Tiger Woods continues to grow like an atomic weed.

Last week Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg, criticized Haney after the release of an excerpt in which Haney portrayed Woods as wanting to become a Navy Seal. Never mind that many thought that was an admirable trait on Woods’ part. Steinberg bafflingly said it cast Woods in a “negative” light.

Meanwhile, in a Q&A with The Post, former Woods’ teacher, Butch Harmon, had this to say when asked if he planned to read Haney’s book:

“I might read excerpts on it. I probably won’t,” Harmon said. “But I’m not one that has a problem with Hank writing it. I think we live in a country of freedom of speech and I think he has the right to articulate anything he wants to articulate. I wish him all the success with it. I hope that it’s just informative and not vindictive.”

The full Harmon Q&A with The Post will appear in forthcoming weeks.


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