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Adams Fast 12 Built For Speed

Adams Golf continues its quest to provide greater distance and forgiveness in its drivers with an extension of the clubmaker’s Speedline line – and with the addition of a few new twists.

First, there is the Speedline Fast 12, launched at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show. Company officials say it utilizes a new Airfoil design in the clubhead to reduce drag 14 percent. That leads to as much as a 3 mph increase in clubhead speed, they assert, which theoretically leads to greater distance off the tee.

The Airfoil design of the Fast 12 incorporates crown elements used in previous iterations of the driver series, such as trip steps, as well as new tweaks to the sole and skirt to further improve aerodynamics. It also enhances the Moment of Inertia (MOI) for better forgiveness.

In fact, Adams Golf engineers say that the MOI of the Fast 12 is comparable to that of the square-headed drivers of the past, which were extremely forgiving. Yet those clubs had such high drag due to those shapes that they did not provide much in the way of distance. Which is why they never caught on. That is not a problem, those technicians aver, with the much sleeker Fast 12, which also features a satin silver crown.

Adams has also released a low-spin version of the Fast 12 driver, dubbed the LS. The company not only touts this club for its aerodynamics and MOI as well as its low spin characteristics but also for its extensive adjustability. Golfers can fine-tune lie, loft and face angle with the LS as well as length, with it being possible to increase the standard length of 45 inches to 45.5, for increased ball speed and launch angle and additional carry distance.

There is also a removable weight in the back of the clubhead that enables players to change to a lighter weight when they lengthen the driver so the overall swingweight of the club remains the same.


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