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Callaway Hex Black Goes Five Layers

Callaway Golf enters the five-piece ball world with the introduction of its HEX Black Tour, which is designed to deliver the distance big hitters want as well as the greenside control players expect in a Tour performance product.

In breaking down the new ball, let’s start with HEX Black Tour’s dual core construction, which features a high compression outer core and an inner one that is extremely soft. The result, Callaway officials say, is a ball that boasts higher spin separation, with longer distance off longer clubs due to lower spin yields in those instances, and higher spin off shots closer to the green, for greater accuracy and control.

The new Callaway ball also has inner and outer mantles made of different grades of Surlyn ionomers that are mixed to affect hardness and resilience of each layer, they add. Working together, those two components are intended to protect the dual core while also producing powerful ball speeds.

Then, there is the so-called DuraSpin cover, which is formulated from thermoplastic urethane. It is designed not only to enhance feel and spin with short-iron shots but also to improve durability. And the equipment maker employs its patented HEX aerodynamics here as well, to reduce drag and promote a stable, penetrating ball flight, even in windy conditions.

“We took a unique approach in the design of HEX Black Tour, and the investments we’ve made in our new technology over the past few years have culminated in this innovative, five-piece construction,” says Dave Bartels, senior director of golf ball research and development for Callaway. “The level of spin separation golfers will experience can be attributed to our advanced i-Core technology and new DuraSpin cover material. And the dual-mantle system and optimized HEX aerodynamic design produce the ball speed and flight characteristics to benefit all golfers.”


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