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Adams Idea Black CB3 Has Broad Appeal

With its new Idea Black CB3s, Adams Golf is offering irons that are crafted from forged, 8620 carbon steel, designed to be as forgiving as they are playable and geared as much for the better golfer as they are for the higher handicapper.

According to Tim Reed, vice president of research and development at Adams, the CB3s use a triple-milled construction technique to enhance perimeter weighting and create an extremely thin face with precision grooves to deliver a high level of feel, performance and consistency.

The irons also feature a new multi-material badge in the back cavity to improve sound and dampen vibration, and they are engineered with progressive sole widths that are intended to make it easier to hit longer irons and be more accurate with the shorter ones. In addition, the scoring irons come with improved bounce and camber to reduce turf interaction for more workability and control.

Reed also asserts that the Idea Black CB3s look as good as they play, coming with a black PVD finish and a glass-beaded face for a better visual at address.

Available in standard set make-ups of 4-GW, with 3-irons obtainable through custom order, the irons come with KBS Tour 90 steel and Matrik Ozik Program 8.1 graphite shafts stock, with additional shaft options offered – such as True Temper Dynamic Gold, Project X and KBS Tour Smoke – at no additional price.

Authorized Adams Golf fitters also have CB3 fitting kits, which enables them to change lie angle, length, shaft flex and shaft type as need be. The sets can also be integrated into Adams’ HITfit application, which uses data from an individual’s 6-iron launch characteristics to recommend proper set make-up, including fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges.


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