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Wilson Duo Is Long And Soft

Wilson officials say they know how to make high-performance golf balls as well as golf clubs, and they point to the introduction of the Duo as the latest example of that.

The Wilson Staff Duo is a two-piece, surlyn-covered distance ball that boasts a compression of less than 40 that makes it what Michael Vrska, the company’s global director of research and development, describes as “crazy soft.”

“The Duo is geared primarily for mid- to high-handicap golfers and designed to be easier for those with slower swing speeds to compress,” he says. “We promote it as having a performance double-take, because it is like a rocket ship off the tee as well as soft and playable around the green.”

According to Vrska, the below-40 compression is about half the compression of the average of the leading competitive golf balls, while it also boasts an industry average COR.

“That ensures that it has the length golfers expect in a distance ball but the playability of a tour performance ball around the green,” he says. “It sounds like a tour ball when you hit it, and feels like one, too. But it is very, very long.

“It’s the softest distance ball out there,” says Vrska, adding that it is also one of the best values in that realm, given its $20 price point in the U.S.


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