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PURE Comes To Grips With New Formula

PURE grips comes at golfers in two different ways – with a product it believes is superior in that category, thanks largely to a proprietary EPDM rubber formula that makes its grips as durable as they are tacky, and a tapeless installation method that is designed to provide ultimate stability and hold as it eliminates drying time as well as the need for adhesive tapes or solvents.

Start with the grips themselves. According to Wes Brasher, founder and CEO of the Scottsdale, Ariz., concern, the 100-percent rubber it uses for its six models – PURE Pro, Undersize Pro, Midsize Pro, P2 Wrap, Old School Wrap and Midsize Wrap – maximizes the inherent advantage of that material. Which means they are more resistant to rain, humidity and sweat than other brands, many of which, he says, add clay, polymers and other fillers to their grip compounds. And they dry more quickly.

Each PURE grip is made in Arizona through a unique manufacturing process that maintains a +/- 1-gram weight tolerance. That precision as well as uniformity in wall thickness is designed to provide for consistent swing weights and feel throughout a set of clubs. In addition, PURE offers a 12-month guarantee, and its grips are available in a wide range of firmness options for shock absorption and feel and come in 11 colors, from black, green and white to blue, red and hot pink.

While PURE grips may be installed using the traditional method, they also allow golf professionals and clubmakers to put them on via the tapeless method that utilizes an air gun. That saves time because there is no need to wait for glue to dry and is also less messy. In addition, it makes it easier to custom fit a golfer for grips, and if he or she doesn’t like a style or feel after testing, the grips can be easily removed and new ones installed without damaging the original or using inventory.


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