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Faldo Adds To Golfers’ Bags

Look into any serious golfer’s bag, and you’ll notice there is often more to his or her equipment than the metals and irons they carry, or the balls and tees they use. Many players also tote sun block and lip balm during their rounds. Insect repellent and muscle pain relief cream, too. Because they have learned over the years that they frequently need those things on the golf course.

Nick Faldo says he is one of those people. Which is why he has lent his name to and helped develop a line of personal care products developed with Kyoku, an international cosmetic and skincare company based in Chicago.

“I started using Kyoku products for men some years ago, and found them to be very good,” Faldo explains. “And in talking to the people running that company, we saw there was an opportunity to put together a sort of one-stop package of products for golfers they could buy in pro shops and golf retailers and carry around in one case that easily clips onto a golf bag. Things that we all need on and off the course. The idea was to create something that would make skin care and sun protection easier.”

Sun block was an obvious place to start with, and the one offered by Faldo Pro Care is SPF 30 and non-greasy as well as ultra sweat- and water-proof. A lip protector is SPF15 and designed not only to keep out as much sun as possible but also to heal dry and cracked lips. The line also includes a hand protector cream and an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal foot protector product. In addition, there is a muscle protector cream that is made to heat on contact and relieve aches and pains as well as insect repellent.


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