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Nike Tries New Concept

Nike Golf engineers say the latest member of the company’s Method putter franchise is inspired by the notion of concept cars, which have been devised by automobile manufacturers through the years to showcase new styles or technology by blending art and science into iconic shapes that performed well and looked good. And that’s why Nike club-makers decided to name their latest creation, Concept.

The styling of the Method Concept is certainly new, with a bold red, aluminum blade that weighs a mere 90 grams, and a black, stainless steel bar that is more than twice as heavy and runs in a curve from toe to heel. The melding of these two sections is intended to give the club the footprint of a small putter with the stability of a larger mallet as it also produces a high MOI-(for Moment of Inertia)-to-head ratio and helps golfers better square the face at impact.

That design also allows Nike to position the CG (for Center of Gravity) farther back in the head and lower to the sole to help promote the smooth and immediate roll that is the essence of the Method line. A putter face that utilizes alternating polymer and aluminum grooves is supposed to do that as well, while reducing vibrations and encouraging a soft feel.

“We are giving consumers something new and better with the Method Concept,” said David Franklin, master model-maker for Nike Golf, adding that the company’s latest flat stick is available in five lengths, ranging from 32 to 43 inches. “There’s a reason the shape is the way it is. It allows us to infuse vital science and powerful technology that delivers a very high MOI in a relatively small package.”

It’s a different concept, indeed.


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